Sunday School Classes


Proverbs (Bob Stauffer):  Room #5

A detailed study of the Proverbs, teaching us that the life we lead and the choices we make directly influence the quality of life that we will experience.  We learn where we are in society today through this rich treasury of human experiences that reveal the wisdom and grace of God.


The Five Stones (Howard and Barb Quast):  Room #3

On Sunday September 24th, Howard and Barb Quast will be starting a new class geared for explorers and beginners during the 9:30 Sunday School hour. We will start with a "Reader Digest" overview of the Bible, the book "The Five Stones" and more. Come join us and learn more about what it means to be a Christian and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please contact Amber Smith 440-668-1100 or Howard and Barb Quast 216-408-7869.


Love U (Ginger Goss):  Pastor’s Office

Starting September 17, join Ginger Goss for Love U.  Love U is an opportunity to learn how to become a soul-healthy woman and improve relationships by taking a journey through Love Junkies: 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle by Christy Johnson, our speaker at the Mothers and Others event this spring.  Through videos, her book and group discussion, we will learn “IF I PRAY” – scriptures and action steps to incorporate into our lives to change our habits, heal our souls and break the toxic relationship cycle.


Do you feel restless? (Marcia Moskal)   Room #6

What if this feeling wasn't a bad thing but a longing for God that could push you forward to lead the life for which you were designed? By looking at the life of Joseph you will see how his passions, relationships, and suffering fit into the greater story of God - and how the threads of your life can do the same. Jennie Allen walks you through a practical plan to identify these threads and how to weave them together for God's glory and purposes.
Leader- Marcia Moskal in classroom #6

The book of Ephesians (Sara Twining)    Room #4

A deeper study and discussion on the book of Ephesians.  How do we apply the lessons in the letter to the Ephesians in our modern culture, and our own personal day-to-day lives.