For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be on His shoulders.  He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.    Isaiah 9:6

As the days draw closer, the rush to finish our shopping for Christmas, the preparations

finalized for family gatherings, the decorating, baking and wrapping of gifts, let us take a moment to pause and reflect, as we memorize just what the gift God has given us in Christ Jesus…in the context of then and now.   Isaiah became a prophet about 740BC, a spokesman for God, a special representative with a purpose.  This courageous man fearlessly proclaimed God’s Word, a message of 3 R’s: return, repent, and be renewed.  Isaiah, like most of the prophets, spoke a message that went against Judah’s national policies, because he called people to commit themselves to God first, and then to the king.  He even predicted the overthrow of the government and was viewed as a traitor.  But the words of this prophet are alive for us today as they were then.  As a child of God, we know what national policies go against the laws of God, what our culture portrays as right is not right with God  today as it was then. These words were bound up and sealed for future generations like you and I (Is 8:16).  That God had a plan, for those walking in darkness then, and has even for us today, speaks so greatly of His wonderful wisdom, grace and mercy!  A child to be a gift FOR US, a son lovingly given TO US, a great LIGHT seen by those walking in darkness (vs2), a great LIBERATOR who brings joy (vs1-5) and there will be no end to His rule (vs7)!  Praise God!  Without the daily LIGHT we receive from Him, walking together in His Word, we are easily apt to stumble off the right path, and enticed down the wrong road.  The wrong road can lead us into captivity.  But if we return to our Wonderful Counselor, take the time and seek His counsel through His Word, pray and receive it into our heart repentantly, through the counsel of His Holy Spirit, the yoke of sin that burdens us is shattered. We become renewed, and joyfully liberated, rejoice what our Mighty God has done for us!!  Our Lord Jesus, is both Mighty God and man, and knows our temptations, but provides a way out.  He is the Son of our Eternal Father, and therefore has the same fatherly care for us, as One who perfectly represents our Father’s love for us, as a Son given to us.  He too carries the attribute of infinite peace, of which He imparts to His own.  Through our faith in Him, we have the ultimate gift, the gift of peace with God, peace as we walk in faith with Him throughout our life, peace in the final moments of death, and the everlasting assurance of peace in heaven. Let these four titles sink into our hearts as we prepare to celebrate this season, as we worship Him and enjoy His presence of all that He is for us.  Merry CHRISTmas!!!