Being Set Free

Jesus called the devil “the father of lies and of all that is false” John 8:44.  He lies to you and

me, telling us things about ourselves, other people, other circumstances, and especially about God.  Look up how he tricked Eve, enticing her to sin.  Often he does not give us the full lie all in one time.  He slowly with a well laid plan begins by bombarding our mind with cleverly disguised patterns of little nagging thoughts, suspicions, doubts, fears, wonderings, reasoning, and theories which over time, take hold into patterns of thought.  We as humans not only are battling our fleshly temptations, our mind is the battlefield against spiritual wickedness, Ephesians 6:12.  Our enemy knows our weaknesses, our insecurities, our fears, what bothers us the most and uses this to create a stronghold, a place of captivity, in which we may recognize this, feel defeated, or be totally unaware of the existence of our captivity, like an animal born in the zoo, completely unaware of its imprisonment.  Even as a Christian, we struggle with attitudes we know are wrong, we want to change, we may even have received counseling, and yet the victory is slow in coming.  A pattern of wrong thoughts over a period of years, often of which we don’t remember the source or beginning, set up early in our life, controls our current thinking.  Unless we recognize that through Christ’s victorious blood which was shed for our sins and His resurrection victory, and through studying His Word, and obediently applying it,  we have an option to take captive our thoughts, and thereby our actions  2Cor 10:5, Romans 12:2, Phil 4:8-9 to defeat this stronghold on us by the enemy!  Let me share with you an example: I did not immediately recognize a stronghold of anger that I had, which developed over years from childhood hurt of parents marriage problems which lay buried deep, until a replication of this surfaced many years later, to another party’s marriage; wow, at first I felt justified in this anger, because there was sin and harm being done to a child, and my thoughts were turning sinfully darker as I allowed them into my mind.  But one cannot abide in the Word of God, without being convicted of wrongful judgmental thinking, and the call to pray for our enemies. So it began, every time this situation or person came to my mind, before I even allowed this thought to fully develop or finish, I said, “So Lord, You want me to pray for them now?” and I would begin to pray for them. It was extremely hard at first, very much an action of obedience before it actually changed my heart to truly want this person to be free of their stronghold and liberated in Christ. I believe the enemy fled because those thoughts triggered a true heartfelt prayer, and what he meant for evil, God turned it for good.  For that I praise God, another weapon He gives us to set us free. Genuine heartfelt praise and prayer, led by His will revealed in His Word, defeats the enemy quicker than any battle plan.  We praise God according to His Word and His goodness, for by knowing His Truth, we are set free, free at last!