The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:130

I love Psalm 119, it just reinforces my purpose to be

diligent in making it a priority to invest daily in reading His Word and listening in my heart for what His Spirit is teaching me. It also hugely guides me in prayer, opens it to alignment with His kingdom priorities. Do we need light each day, for each step we are on? I know I do, it centers me and stands me firm upon a Rock. It also gives me great hope. I am a simple person, a housewife, mother and grandmother, and professional volunteer, lol. My college accomplishment was taking only one course before I was needed to care for my mom. But it is through His Word that I gain understanding of who God is, His nature, what God is looking for, what He desires of me, it is the Spirit’s way of directing me with passion. This week our ladies Bible study started back up after summer break, and “Balancing Life’s Demands” by Chip Ingram is our scriptural topic based on Biblical priorities for a busy life. I can get a mental picture of generations unrolling the sacred scrolls to guide their lives…to those living in dark areas where it is forbidden even to death unfolding well worn pages for this Light…and here we are tempted by many voices clamoring to keep us distracted from making this a number one priority. Chip made the statement we all make, “Just as soon as I get this done, next season should be easier..” Life fills those voids immediately. Someone once said in order to see a change, we must make a change...unfolding is a deliberate action. Let this verse remind us what we receive when we obey it and encourage us to make it a number one priority…after all, we need our daily dose of Light!