Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.           2Tim 2:15

It is by the leading of the Holy Spirit we come on the right path. In the previous verse, John 17:17, we learn we are

works in progress being made holy, sanctified by the truth, just as Jesus prayed and prays for us, because God’s Word is truth. As Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert, it was no surprise to our all-knowing God that there would be an attack of temptation, and Jesus repeatedly stated His reply beginning with, “It is written…” of which He must have strongly related this scene to His disciples, because it is mentioned in three of the Gospel narratives. This example, in its simplest form, leads us to strive to know what is written by our Father so that we may be sanctified as a follower of Christ, and victorious in the battle of temptation. We are guided to put our minds to this task, even to memorize as Psalm 119:11 states, hiding these truths in our heart, that we may be trained, thoroughly equipped (2Tim3:16-17) and doing our best, living it (James 1:22), and correctly handling His Word. It is very sad, but some churches are not correctly handling the Word, and following the worldly spiral down. It is our Holy Spirit alarm warning us, when we hear teaching that goes against the Word of God, which gives just enough truth to deceive, falsely picking and choosing which verses they are willing to obey. It is also wise to notice if and how the enemy throws the temptation of distracting us personally from pouring ourselves into the task of studying what God has written, not giving it the respect it deserves. This is a constant battle in our busy world today, and a necessary discipline for us to develop for us for us to persevere. Perhaps a spiritual fast from some entertainment forms of technology will help us start this discipline. This past month Pr Mike asked us all to fast and pray, to hear His Spirit’s leading, and the moral compass of His Word will guide us in the direction of saving grace for ourselves and those we are led to share with. Let us obediently pour ourselves into vessels He can use, an approved workman for our Lord.